Environment & Sustainability Policy

Crux Landscape is dedicated to a sustainable future and we instill this dedication both in the operation of our company and the designs we produce.

Crux utililises recycled products and sustainable power sources as part of our day to day operation, minimising waste and offsetting our emissions where these cannot be reduced to zero.

We ensure that landscapes which we help create, exist for local flora and fauna as well as for the people we serve. We recognise the need to design landscapes to reflect the constraints of their environment, as well as a changing climate into the future.

Community Policy

Crux Landscape acknowledges and respects Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across Australia as the traditional custodians of our shared lands, waters and seas.

In addition Crux Landscape understands that the spaces we design, exist in no small part, to service the needs of the communities they sit within. It is therefore crucial to fully understand said needs, as well as the cultural values, sensitivities and nuances of our stakeholders.

Equality Policy

The community we work within is diverse and complex and Crux Landscape is dedicated to acknowledgement, understanding and treatment equally, regardless of identification. We seek to be a workplace which is welcoming and inclusive to all people and support the professional and emotional development of our staff.

Quality Policy

Crux Landscape has established systems, policies and procedures to ensure that our outputs are of a high standard and data is appropriately managed. While Crux does not hold formal accreditation, our staff have had extensive experience in working within ISO 9001 accredited systems and have developed our own systems to the same high standard.

Should you require any further information or wish to discuss any aspect of our policies, please contact us.