At Crux Landscape, we have had experience working at all scales within the major project, local government, state government and commercial sectors over many years.

We can provide Landscape Architecture consultancy services in Master Planning, Concept Design, Design Development & Documentation, Tendering, Contract Administration and Urban Design.

In addition we have extensive secondary expertise, outside of our core business which we often draw upon to add value for our clients such as graphic design, 3D modelling, community engagement and visual analysis.

We work efficiently and effectively as part of a consultant team whether it be as the primary consultant, coordinating other consultants or in a support role. We draw upon the expertise of specialists in their field as required to resolve all aspects of the design.


  • Parks & Open Space
  • Playgrounds
  • Fitness Trails & Outdoor Gyms
  • Sporting Facilities & Active Open Space
  • Schools & Higher Learning
  • Linear Reserves
  • Plazas & Forecourts
  • Landscape Buffers & Screening
  • Community Gardens
  • Temporary & De-mountable Landscapes
  • Green Roofs & Lightweight Landscapes
  • Commercial Landscapes
  • Industrial Landscapes
  • Public Transport Infrastructure
  • Streetscapes, Arterial Roads & Transport Corridors
  • Bespoke Furniture & Structures
  • Entry Statements
  • Bridges & Boardwalks
  • Habitat & Conservation Areas
  • Biodiversity Corridors
  • Revegetation Strategies
  • Wetlands
  • Drainage Corridors
  • Rain Gardens
  • Planting Design
  • Biophilic Design
  • Xeriscape Design

With every project and every phase of works, it is important to understand cost. While we recommend that specialists in their field are engaged, our staff have had extensive experience in the tendering of landscape projects and as a result are able to provide an Opinion of Probable Cost for your project as part of our service to you.

In addition we have integrated an understanding of the embodied carbon emissions and sequestration of landscape construction, into our processes, allowing an indicative carbon budget to be provided as well.

Should you require any further information or wish to discuss any aspect of our capabilities or experience, please contact us.