Crux Landscape understands the importance the garden has in the quality of life for our clients and we will work with you to ensure your green oasis is everything it can be. We love creating spaces which are exciting and unique, tailored to the specific tastes and needs of our clients.

We make spaces that people are proud of.

We always discuss and customise our approach based on the specific requirements of each project but it would be typical to adopt a 3-stage design process which is outlined as follows:

Concept Design Phase

This phase is all about identifying what your needs are, the constraints of your garden and the preparation of a basic design. We will typically provide you with a plan of the design which outlines materials, products and plants, along with supporting imagery to enable you to clearly understand the proposal. It’s main role is to form an agreed direction early in the process to avoid rework during more intensive phases.

Detailed Design & Documentation Phase

The role of this phase is to fully develop & resolve your preferred concept design and document it in detail to allow it to be quoted and constructed. Drawings which document all aspects of the design will be prepared and a detailed landscape specification written to ensure contractors are held to the highest quality of construction practice. Where we reach the limit of our expertise, we will work with specialists in their fields during this phase such as surveyors and structural engineers.

Contract Administration Phase

During this phase we will seek quotes, prepare a contract and work with the preferred landscape contractor to program & monitor construction of the garden. We typically request quotes from multiple landscapers to ensure that you get the best possible value, while acting as an intermediary between you and them during the construction period. This ensures that your wishes are fulfilled in a fair and balanced manner while protecting you from some of the more tedious aspects of the construction process.

We can provide you with a detailed costing at every phase of the project as well as assisting with up front budgeting so you can understand how far your funds with go. In addition we will provide you with an outline of the carbon emissions associated with the project along with the offsets created.

Need something more? Ask us! We have a suite of other skills beyond the above, including 3D modeling and other forms of visualisation and are only to happy to employ them if you need.

Lend us a space, we will make it better.

Our fees vary depending on the scale and complexity of the project however a typical backyard scale project, involving each of the above phases would incur a fee in the order of $5,000-10,000. Not sure what you need or just want to talk through some thoughts? No problems! Contact us to talk through your specific requirements, we are happy to meet with you free of charge to discuss.